Spam & Sound Ensamble!


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The Spam & Sound Ensemble with best regards and deeply thanks dear lady Anna Maria Alexander, capt. Tom Isaac, Mr. Chan K. Wu at Hong Kong Bank, and all you guys sharing big money amounts on the net: only you made possible works like this. GOD BLESS YOU, it’s all true: …write ‘em back and get rich!

This album is deadly Kate to all the present and look forward God bless Mother and Sister in Love, whit spam. All over the war.


Ivan A. Rossi: Modular Synthesizer, MaxMSP, Rhodes, Echo Tiger and Spam.
Giovanni Succi: Vocals, Guitars and Spam.
Bruno Dorella: Drums, and Spam.
Marina Moulopulos: Vocals and Spam.
Beppe Scardino: Low Clarinet , Baritone Sax, Low Clarinet arrangements on “Esitando” and Spam. Tommaso Fiori: additional production, electronics and Spam.
Vonneumann: remixing based on selected samples and Spam.

All songs by Ivan A. Rossi.
Lyrics by Giovanni Succi, mostly recomposing text relics from folders named Spam.

Cover artwork by Gionata “OZMO” Gesi.

Produced by Ivan A. Rossi. Recorded by Ivan A. Rossi @ SAM Recording Studio (Lari), Italy.
Assistant engineer: Marco Gorini.
Mixed by Ivan A. Rossi @ 8brr.rec Studio (Milan), Italy.

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